We avail the services of FedEx Courier Company for shipments across Europe while GLS and UPS are our trusted couriers when it comes to international shipments for small orders (less than 500 pcs). The transportation cost is borne by the customer and is dependent on the type of packing material, the weight of the package and the destination. We make sure the product is packed according to your specification and is delivered within the shortest time frame.

Our company supports the RABEN group, when it comes to logistics and shipping management of orders of over 500 pcs which are delivered on pallets for convenient and secured deliveries. We ensure the pallet shipping orders are packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes which are unitized with strapping tape or with stretch wrap or shrink wrap. Usually, these orders can be shipped and delivered by the next day across major destinations in Europe.

The Pallet Shipping destined for International Destinations is carried out by freight forwarding companies. The transportation cost and shipping fees varies from place to place and cannot be specified beforehand as domestic delivery charges are bound to fluctuate from time to time in different countries. Deliveries are made by road in Europe and also across countries that are landlocked with the European continent but in both cases you have the option of deliveries by air but by sea is only reserved for the latter.