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We deliver high-end products all over USA and Europe at wholesale prices to retailers, traders and commercial buyers. Our experts offer you a huge products portfolio for discerning customers from sophisticated, flamboyant to comfortable and practical working solutions.

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We ensure a scheduled and unhindered supply of products to our customers as we buy directly from the factories on contractual basis and not from any secondary source. Our warehouse management systems keep us on top of everything; inventory control, goods-in-transit, the stock delivered and everything in between. We check and recheck so you can get your hands on the latest products stock on time.


High quality

Large volume imports procured from the original manufacturer gives us control over the quality assurance and quality control systems of the manufacturers. Our specialist sit with the factories and agree on the acceptable standards and processes for each step of the manufacturing as well as the tolerance policies are finalized. Ultimate result is very delivery of the value.


Our stock of products offers the best solutions for your wholesale or retail needs as you can get a myriad of products from renowned brands that give your business an edge over the competition because of a profusion of varieties in designs, variety, and materials. Our stock is virtually shared with our customers and they can decide their own inventories keeping in views our stocks and our ordering cycles.



We provide our customers with a lot of categories and as much quantity as they’d like. Our merchandising power allows us to source everyday goods and unreal prices. Building your business with us has never been easier.



We import a variety of merchandise from all over the world. Many items on our site are unique to foreign markets. We also specialize in our export business as we have been exporting to Europe and USA.


E-commerce Supplier

Now we are supplying merchandise for online re-sellers and drop shippers. We help entrepreneurs build their eCommerce business by selling to them in bulk. We can ship to any fulfillment center upon your request.


After Sales Support

Our team or professional that includes technical peoples, logistics experts and engineers are always available at your service to provide you our best possible support. We take pride in stating that a majority of our business comes from our repeat customers who always get better value from us.



Our key strengths also including experience in warehousing, we always use First In – First Out (FIFO) policies , therefore making sure that no stock is aged and always customer gets regular supplies at same quality standards. We have developed algorithms to calculate optimum quality of products in warehouses so that our customers are not left without proper supply or excessive products are not left in the stock so that inventory costs are maintained.

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