Global Trade Deal (GTD) has established itself as one of the leading wholesalers of consumer durable goods across the United States and Europe.

We have the financial and infrastructural capabilities to carry large volumes of stock which allows us to wield influence over the supply sources, helping us to monitor and maintain quality standards from the beginning till the end; raw materials to finished goods.

Our goods are guaranteed to measure up to high quality standards minus the high cost. We have been able to turn our business around and expand into large warehouses, all thanks to the implementation of up-to-date sales strategies and efficient supply chain systems. The rapid growth and expansion made it possible to spread our distribution network to even the remote areas in the USA and Europe. Presently, GTD provides effective merchandise solutions to businesses in cities and regions across many states.

Our dynamic growth fostered our trade relations with manufacturers and suppliers and aided in the development of new business opportunities with China, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, and France.  Our products are available at the lowest price rates with a guaranteed continuous flow of supply since we import in voluminous quantities from the manufacturers that avail us large trade discounts.

We understand the demands and constraints of the ever-evolving and changing markets and are adapting with it by introducing better and effective sales solutions to help you stay ahead in the market. Our tried and tested methods combined with streamlined sales approach and our years in the industry allow buyers to yield substantial profits with the potential to translate to long-term growth. Our strategies and systems are ingrained in the principles of trust besides our solid sales techniques, resulting in buyers who are very satisfied with their merchandise and appreciate doing business with us.

GTD has reached here because of its incredibly low pricing policy. We offer an array of assortments to the buyers with special emphasis on price allowing them to select products according to their business models. We value our customers and provide products and services that meet their criteria and their expectations. We cater to small and large businesses alike.

We help people earn profit and expand their businesses; many of whom are part of the intermediary distribution channels. They continue to reap profits by developing their businesses because of our attractive offers along with our convenient financing solutions. We have sales veterans on our team that help new businesses and sole proprietors in selecting products that target their customer base,  opening their first store by equipping them with knowledge and making their transition into the business world as smooth as possible.

We bring you quality merchandise across a number of categories.

We are pleased to add drop shipping to our business portfolio which helps businesses deliver directly to their customers. We send the buyers a detailed feed that comprises of all our merchandise that they make available on their business website. When they get orders through their e-commerce portal, they route them to us, which we deliver on their behalf to their customers. Our drop shipping covers domestic and international customers and includes a comprehensive list of retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

We do business with all kinds of stores–dollar stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, discount variety stores, novelty stores–practically any business that requires assorted merchandise that they can resell at bargain prices to their customers.