The Group's superior products and services contribute to improving people's comfort and lifestyles.

Global Trade Deal is united by a set of core values:

  • Work with Respect

    Civility paves the way for all sorts of communications and is essential for business relations to move forward. Our team believes in respect, courtesy, and etiquette. They are trained to not only interact politely with all business dealings but also with each other to foster an environment where individuals and businesses can grow. We bring people from different backgrounds together on our platform-our team has come so far because they forego their cultural and linguistic differences and work as a unit and it would be all for nothing if there was no respect, to begin with.

  • Transparency

    We uphold honesty and openness in all that we do and hence are accountable for all that we commit ourselves to; whether we are negotiating with the manufacturers, arranging logistics for the imports, dealing with the customs-to put it bluntly, we don’t hide behind inane policies when supply is interrupted but make budgeted allotments to compensate our partners and clients. Our transparency has solidified our credibility in the supply chain management of manufacturing units and of the retail industry.

  • Equity

    We implement fair and just policies that empower all our employees breaking gender, race, and ethnic barriers to make a conducive atmosphere for our team and for our clientele. We are constantly working on creating better business policies to benefit both our manufacturing partners and our clients. Our team shows the same commitment to each project regardless of its monetary value which we strongly believe has brought us here today.