Our Mission

We channel the best possible sources to systematically increase the growth revenue of our partners. We import from China and facilitate global alliances between Chinese manufacturers and US corporations and entrepreneurs.

Our company serves other businesses by custom imports and with a high grade stock at reduced wholesale prices to maximize the financial and economic growth of our customer’s business. We facilitate start-ups and new businesses with our special services to help them make a niche for themselves in a highly competitive market.

Our Vision

We plan to expand our range of imports and to create a streamlined service so our clients can place orders and purchase from the source directly from our digital platforms with just a click which we will directly deliver to their customer’s doorstep.

To cater to the ever-growing market we are implementing certain strategies to rapidly expand our line of products, especially in the textile categories. There are still vast untapped sources in Asia for unstitched fabrics and ready-made lines that can deliver the maximum output to the global market especially to the US at differentiated cost.

We intend to bring the world closer by overcoming trade boundaries and raising the bar on global logistics to achieve unprecedented growth.