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We deliver high-end fashion clothing and shoes worldwide at wholesale prices to retailers, traders and commercial buyers. Our experts offer you a huge fashion portfolio for discerning customers from sophisticated, boho-chic, flamboyant to comfortable and practical wardrobe solutions.

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Constant Supply

We ensure a scheduled and unhindered supply of European fashion to our customers as we buy directly from the fashion design houses on a contractual basis and not from any secondary source. Our warehouse management systems keep us on top of everything; fashion inventory control, goods-in-transit, the stock delivered and everything in between. We check and recheck so you can get your hands on the latest fashion stock on time.


High quality

Large volume imports procured from the original manufacturer slashes the product price substantially, which helps us in delivering quality fashion at highly reduced rates. Our contemporary selections emphasize on European aesthetics, concerning minimalist designs incorporating clean cuts.


stock solutions

Our stock of fashion apparel offers the best solutions for your wholesale or retail needs as you can get a myriad of clothing & accessories from renowned brands. that give your business an edge over the competition because of a profusion of varieties in designs, textures, and materials.



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We are not a broker

We offer samples of the fashion products which are in stock or will be available at a later date. We value your time and inform you beforehand what selections are ready for immediate delivery, will be out next week and so on. In other words, we don’t sell on behalf of another and therefore, we do not make ambiguous promises but are clear from the beginning. Our company brings you one of the finest fashion clothing and accessories and facilitates the business transactions in a smooth manner. You can visit our warehouses to see the quality and craftsmanship of our assembled fashion selections.


We sort and mix our fashion inventory according to a certain formula that has been tried and tested and has proven successful with our customers, giving superb quality products that translate into financial growth increasing your Return on Investment (ROI) substantially. The customers who are interested in large orders have the benefit of selecting curated fashion lines from our direct sources.


We are sole distributors for a large number of fashion labels and designer wear, giving us access to exclusive fashion and that to at the lowest possible rates. This exclusivity opens out viable business growth opportunities for your retail or wholesale business with unique products that help you engage your target market sector and increase the traffic of customers to your website and to your brick and mortar stores.


We procure surplus and returned fashion goods from across well-known brands and major department stores directly, exporting more than 500 truckloads worth of fashion apparel worldwide annually. This helps commercial buyers of all sorts and sizes in acquiring noteworthy fashion pieces at nominal rates which can be sold off at considerable profits to the average customers that make a significant portion of the retail apparel, shoes & accessories market in the fashion industry.


We have been in this business for more than 10 years, our years in the fashion industry have giving us comprehensive knowledge about the finer workings of fashion industry covering stock liquidation, logistic departments, customs verification and documentation, labeling, categorizing and domestic transportation.


We have established strong relations with the brands and fashion designers we associate with and with our customers, which go back over ten years and still counting. We value our business relationships with our partners and customers and continue to make them stronger with open communications and by delivering what we promise.

Constant supply

We have an established supply chain guaranteeing timely stock delivery whether it is in Europe, the UK or across international seas.. Our branded stock is regularly updated to bring you fresh designs with over 300, 000 pcs in our warehouses that help us maintain a steady and uniform supply to your outlet anywhere in the world.



You can be a newcomer in the industry, or a seasoned retailer or wholesaler, we have the capability to offer you some of the best curated fashion selections for men, women & children that give your business a market edge, due to sheer quality and price difference.

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